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Governor’s Emergency Powers Do Not Include Closing Businesses or Masking

The governor’s Emergency Powers under La. R.S. 29:721 et seq are much more limited than he has told the public.  Since March 2020, Gov. John Bel Edwards has issued more than two dozen Emergency Orders, which have been presented by the news media as valid and lawful. Few if any have challenged the governor to […]

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Mandatory Masks? Our Body, Our Choice!

 I could go into all the arguments about why it’s bad for healthy people to go around wearing masks, especially in the heat of a broiling Louisiana summer.  • Or I could go through all the conflicting edicts by the CDC, the WHO, and various health “experts” on why masks work or don’t work.  •Or […]

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When We Compare Our Gifts and Talents

Graduation is a time when we compare our gifts and talents.  Someone is named valedictorian.  Someone else is elected president of the student body.  A beautiful young lady is named Homecoming Queen. An outstanding football player is selected MVP or chosen for the All-State team. Students are selected for athletic and academic scholarships. The honors […]

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